All swimmers should be poolside 5 minutes before their session starts in order to start warming up.

Every swimmer are expected to bring the following kit with them to every session (Images are for reference only, other brands are available)The reason we do this is so we can run a session that has been planned in advance without worrying if there is enough equipment for everyone.

A training kit should be…..


Drink Bottle

You should NEVER come swimming without one. Water is the best or juice. Never milk or fizzy pop, you are working hard and will need to drink. We have fresh drinking water, and will always be happy to fill your drinks bottles up if you empty them, BUT they are drinking bottles not funny looking water guns!!!


A large mesh bag

This is so your kit dries and you don’t get any smelly puddles or mouldy equipment.

A pair of swimming fins

These are the shorter ones, the longer ones are diving fins. These will help develop a better, stronger kick. They also help when we are focusing on arm work as it takes effort away from your legs.

Pull bouy or band

There are very beneficial for working with your arms, bands are also helpful developing streamlining and butterfly.


These are used often in training, ones with places for your hands are beneficial as they encourage your body to stay level. They help build your leg kick up, along with a few more fun exercises.

Snorkel (Optional)

These may look a little silly, but they are very good for developing your strokes. The snorkels we use in swim training are centre line ones, which mean they go along the middle of your forehead. Not all swimmers instantly like the feeling of these in their mouths, you could always practice in the bath for short periods until you get used to it.


Hand paddles/finger paddles (Optional)

These help develop your pulling action with your hands underwater. Finger paddles are especially good for smaller hands.

We know swimming can be expensive and so we do have a few spare pieces of kit swimmers can use, but obviously not enough for everyone. Maybe good ideas for birthdays or Christmas presents for swimmers.